SMART Repair Services

Take a look at the various smart services we can provide for your vehicle.


Bumper Scuffs

We can repair bumper scuffs as well as paintwork, so you can have your bumpers looking great again without the need for expensive replacements.  more  

Machine Polishing

We use quality machine polishing equipment, for restoring the shine and finish of vehicle paintwork, so your car looks great once more.  more  

Minor Accident Damage

By using SMART repair techniques, we can restore your vehicle to the appearance it was before the incident.  more  

End of Lease Repairs

We can help clients avoid penalties from leasing companies for minor dents and scratches, with our specialist car paint touch up service.  more  

Vandal Scratches

We can remediate and repair almost any vandal scratches in a cost effective manner, giving you back a pristine looking car.  more  

Bumper Texture Repairs

Inconsistent bumper texture is one of the hallmarks of poor scuff repairs. We will make sure the texture as well as the colour matches completely.  more